Welly walking…for Tiny…love Teeto x

IMG_5005.JPGWelly walking…

Today is definitely what Winnie the Pooh would call a blustery day!  I was feeling bit wooly in my head this morning & so I had a lovely hot shower, wrapped up warm & went out in my new wellies for some alone time.  There’s just something lovely about having a couple of hours walking around in the muddy fields with the wind blasting you, it really does clear the cobwebs.  I wasn’t feeling sad or stressed just full of thoughts so off I went.  I slowly trudged through the thick mud & then on the way back walked through big puddles.  Uncle Neil was surprised how clean I was when I finally got home 🙂

So if you’re ever feeling worried or stressed or just a bit wooly or foggy, take 5 for yourself, get out of your head & blast yourself with some weather 🙂  For all the years you’re too young to go by yourself, knock on my door & I’ll come with you!

Love you, Teeto x


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