Old lady driving…for Tiny…love Teeto x

IMG_4871Old lady driving…

As I’m sitting here typing, you’re making a snowman in Finland!  It’s pretty chilly here today so you must be freezing!!!  Give Mum & Dad lots of hugs with your lovely pink jacket on to warm them up 🙂

So, old lady driving…

I’m usually not very good at leaving myself enough time in the mornings, getting up & showered & out the house always takes just a few more minutes than I allow.  Then those few minutes make the journey to wherever I’m going just a little bit stressful, switching my eyes between watching the road & watching the clock, willing time to go slower!

This morning I decided to try a new way (23 years into my driving life).  I set the alarm as usual early enough to have a couple of snoozes (really silly because with every snooze the bed gets cosier & cosier) but then I turned off the alarm early & got up knowing I had plenty of time for my journey.  Now your Grandad will always tell you (when the time comes for you to start driving) to leave enough time for a puncture/traffic/weather & he’s ALWAYS at least 10 minutes early wherever he goes.  Don’t tell him I said this but his way is right 🙂  My journey was lovely & calm this morning, the sun was super bright on the wet road & because I had plenty of time I was able to be as slow as the road needed but still not have the stress of time.  I arrived nice & early & had time to write my shopping list before I went to my meeting.

Now I’m sure this won’t happen every time, life does have a habit of getting in the way of your plans, but it might just be that the snooze button is less appealing than that feeling of having time.

Maybe you can try this earlier in your life than I did & save yourself some stress…

Love you, Teeto x


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