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Father’s Day…for Tiny…love Teeto x

Father’s Day is this Sunday & will be another super hard day for you. I can’t imagine how you’re feeling knowing this day is coming & knowing what a happy day it is for so many of your friends.

There’s nothing I can say to make it better for you Tiny but please know there are a million hugs ready for you should you need or want them.

Your trip to London with Mum sounds like a great idea & hopefully Nanny will go too. It seems right that you’re doing something Dad would have loved 🥰 I hope you can have a fun day 🥰

And soon it will be your birthday…😉 12…already? I already have your presents at my house & today I’m out shopping for Uncle Neil’s birthday on Thursday…it’s a busy couple of weeks!

Love you Tiny, I’m always here for you, for anything, day or night & I’m super proud of you 🥰

Teeto xx


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