Christmas decorations…for Tiny…love Teeto x

IMG_4813Christmas decorations…

Today is the last day & we always leave it to the last minute…yep, I’m packing away the Christmas decs!  It’s the worst job to think about but actually once I get started & get Uncle Neil out of the house, I get into the zone & become an organising wizard 🙂

I absolutely LOVE decorating the house as early as possible in December & I’ve discovered (over many years) that the key to the joy I get from decorating is the effort I put in to packing away the previous January.  The trick is to pack all the decs away really neatly & in a way that makes sense.  If you like the way the lights looked this year, mark the plug with a sharpie so you remember where to put them next time.  If you hate untangling everything, use individual plastic bags (zip lock sandwich bags work really well) for the smaller things & reuse the gifts bags for bigger things.  Everyone uses those gifts bags these days because you can buy them so cheaply (thank you Poundland).  I use shoe boxes to store all the little zip lock bags & then it really does all sit quite nicely up in the loft until next time.

So as you’re finishing your first morning back at school, I’ve made myself a hot ribena, I have Kevin McCloud showing me lovely houses on the tv & I’m happily organising 🙂

Love you, Teeto x

Oh P.S. this is the only time of year I’m good at organising…….don’t even get me started on packing & unpacking suitcases 🙂


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