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Christmas…for Tiny…love Teeto x

Christmas… You’re on your way home from Heathrow & I’m quite literally beside myself with excitement to see you!!! It’s been a whole month!!!!  I’ve really missed you but I’m sooo happy you’ve had such a lovely time.  Granma & Grandad have done a great job of housesitting & pet sitting for you & you… Continue reading Christmas…for Tiny…love Teeto x

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Avoiding overwhelm…for Tiny…love Teeto x

Avoiding overwhelm… Uncle Neil has gone to bed ready for his early start, the business phone has stopped ringing for the day & I’m taking 5 with a Christmas movie (The Kranks) on in the background.  Sometimes, when I’m feeling like there’s more on my to do list than hours in the day, I like… Continue reading Avoiding overwhelm…for Tiny…love Teeto x