Dad…for Tiny…love Teeto x


Hey Tiny

Its been a very long time since I typed anything for you on here.  I started to write something in January 2018 but that was the month the Drs told us about Dad’s cancer & nothing I had to say after that seemed very important or interesting or helpful.

So here we are April 2nd 2019 & you & Mum are sitting on a plane to Orlando to spend 3 weeks in ‘the happiest place on earth’ just as Dad had planned for you.  I’m watching the app, about to watch you fly across the Atlantic being so very brave together.  You two are just amazing & I couldn’t be more proud of you both.

In the summer of 2001 I had the chance to go to California to have some of my sparkly clutch bags in a shop on Melrose Avenue, LA.  It was very exciting for me & your Dad gave me a lift to London City Airport to catch my early plane.  On the way there he said to me I should really try to be in every moment & take every single little thing in, to really enjoy the experience.  I did as he said, travelled on my own & really did have a fabulous time & learned a lot.  I’d like to pass his wise words on to you now.  Be in all the amazing moments with your amazing Mum & make special memories together.  Talk about Dad, include him in your fun & laugh about fun memories you have of him.

I also want to tell you what your Dad means to me.  I never wanted a brother growing up, me & your Mum were just fine together.  Then we grew up a bit more & both met our husbands.  Your Dad & I never used the ‘in law’ part of brother & sister & I really have always thought of him as my actual little brother.  He totally lived up to the title too!  OMG he could drive me mad & wind me up but also he was the most fun, the kindest & most loving Lil Bro I could have ever wished for.  I love him & miss him so much.

So, as you can imagine, I can hardly see my screen through the tears as I type!  My promise to you is that I will always be here for you both.  I will always be ready to talk about your awesome Dad.  There will always be photos of him in our house & we will always keep him in our lives.

I know for sure you’ll be taking care of Mum on this holiday because she’s nervous about  travelling, driving on the wrong side of the road (& the wrong side of the car) & just about everything else she used to share with Dad.  I’m so happy you’re so close & have so much fun together.


Wow, the app tells me you’re already waaaay off the coast of Cornwall so you’re probably really into a movie or even having lunch.  I’ll talk to you as soon as you land.  I wish you the most amazing trip & I love you both very much.

Teeto xx

P.S. Love you Bert xx



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