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Christmas…for Tiny…love Teeto x



You’re on your way home from Heathrow & I’m quite literally beside myself with excitement to see you!!! It’s been a whole month!!!!  I’ve really missed you but I’m sooo happy you’ve had such a lovely time.  Granma & Grandad have done a great job of housesitting & pet sitting for you & you won’t believe how big those little creepers have got!

I’m sitting at the computer finishing up & getting ready to hand over  I DRIVE U to Granma tomorrow morning & I just caught the end of Fred Claus on the tv (you know how I love a background movie).  Your Mum & I have been fighting (virtually) over when Christmas can start…..she said before Halloween which I think is actually ridiculous…one holiday at a time people!!!!  Now that Halloween & Bonfire night are done, is it time now?  The shops have all sorts of Christmas goodies & the movies are creeping on to the tv… it still too early?  Last year I put my tree up a week earlier than normal & honestly by the time New Year came round I was completely over it.  Is it time for a Christmas ring tone???  Is it too early to watch Elf??? I just don’t know.

For me, the most exciting part of Christmas is the build up & then the relaxation on Christmas Day hanging out with you lot.  Uncle Neil has a new job & will actually have some time off over Christmas so it’s already different for us.  I think that your Mum will be an early starter & get in the spirit straight away now you’re home but I think I need to ease in a little more gently…..

Maybe we should be focusing on winter for now….there was an amazing frost this morning when we walked the dogs & it was super chilly.  Maybe focusing on making everything about our lives just a little cosier is the answer for now & then get to Christmas at the end of the month….

In the meantime I’ll be making up Christmas bandanas for House of Ted & we’ll just have to wait & see how crazy your mother gets…..Good luck 🙂

Love you, Teeto xxx


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