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House Of Ted…for Tiny…love Teeto x

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House Of Ted…

It’s the middle of August already & we’re just settling down to normal life after the busy weekend of Granma & Grandad’s charity event, a scrumptious Sunday roast lunch all together, mine & Uncle Neil’s 18th wedding anniversary & Granma’s 65th birthday…it’s been a busy time…


In the middle of all the celebrating, I found myself super excited about my new project…House Of Ted

I’ve been talking about making dog bandanas for a while because I made a few a couple of years ago for a friend of Steph & Becks & I really enjoyed it.  I had been gathering fabrics of all different colours & designs & all of a sudden it’s grown into something really exciting!  Ted is the perfect ‘face’ of the label, he’s super cute, belongs to my best friend & doesn’t make me sneeze (most dogs do!)

I’m up to 70 likes on my Facebook page already & I’ve made a batch of Batman print bandanas for a super awesome guy called Paul in Worthing who runs a fabulous shop called Aries Designs.  I’ve had a few orders & I’m loving spending time in my sewing studio cutting & making these super cute accessories 🙂  My sewing studio is finally organised in a way that makes me want to spend time in there.  I love the peace of being at the back of the house looking out over the garden, I’ve spent hours & hours up there cutting & sewing with a great movie on in the background.  Sometimes I set the ironing board up downstairs if I feel I need some extra movement & I run up & down the stairs overtime something needs pressing 🙂

Aries Designs Batman display

I’m off to Worthing tomorrow for a lovely walk & to chat with Paul & Aries about the next fabrics he’d like to try & I’ll take him a bundle of different coloured bandanas to boost his stocks….& hopefully I’ll be able to meet up for a cuppa with Steph & Becks before I come home.

So, if you need me, I’ll be in my studio…happily making bandanas…

Love you…Teeto x

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