Politics…for Tiny…love Teeto x


Well, the results are in & it looks like Theresa May has a plan….we’ll soon find out…

If you had asked me, even a couple of years ago, if I was interested in politics I would have said “hell no!”  I have always voted & I’m so very grateful for my right to vote.  My lack of interest is because I have always found myself getting slightly annoyed when the news turns to politics & then in seconds the channel gets switched.  This week, however, I’ve learnt something new about myself.  Weirdly, I am interested in politics but what makes me annoyed is the way it’s reported/discussed/debated on the tv.  This week I’ve found myself interested in what’s going on but I’ve been even more annoyed than usual & it’s been so frustrating.

It seems, (from my experience in trying to listen) that politicians are just completely negative with most of what comes out of their mouths.  They never say what they will do but what the opposition haven’t done…they don’t seem to be able to answer a direct question with a direct answer…nothing is ever their fault.  It seems to me that the interviewer & interviewee are speaking different languages…

I think that in their need to be right & winners they have lost sight of the point of what campaigning is all about.  They are people too, they have bills to pay & presumably they have bin collections like the rest of us?  They walk & drive on the same streets as the rest of us?  Their families are as important to them as ours are to us??  Surely their attentions need to be on all the things that are important to us all.  In the time they spend criticising & in a lot of cases shouting at their opposition, couldn’t they be coming up with a plan to try & make it all better?  An actual plan that makes actual sense & that might actually be effective????

Once a party/leader has been established, I want to know what they are doing NOT what their opposite thinks about what they’re doing.  I want to be impressed by the way they speak on tv & how they explain their plans to us.  After all, we put you there…we want to know what you’re doing.  I don’t want to know where every penny goes & every part of every plan BUT I do want to know what’s happening…what’s the plan?

The other thing really important to me (apart from with family & very close friends) is just keep your vote private.  The booth in the polling station is private & it really should stay that way.  Politics only brings out the worst in people when they get into a heated conversations disagreeing with their friend’s views.  I’ve seen family members lock horns over their views but really what’s the point?  We each get one vote, we get to have our say in the booth so getting angry at someone about their opposing view is just a waste of energy.

I really hope that you have a super diverse & interesting group of friends who understand political (& religious) views are only a small piece of what makes a human.

Wouldn’t it be great if somehow we could all have a common interest…human beings & making their lives as good as possible.  Of course terrible things happen as we’ve seen over the last few weeks & months but isn’t that more of a reason to work as a team???

Hopefully one day, somehow, the focus will start to change…

Love you, Teeto xx




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