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Spend it well…for Tiny…love Teeto x

Spend it well…

Thank you for our superfun weekend together while Mum & Dad were in London celebrating Dad’s 40th birthday πŸ™‚  I had so much fun hanging out with you.

I’m having a lovely slow Bank Holiday Monday & I’m catching up on some recorded tv while it’s raining.  I’ve just seen the M&S advert again & I love it, it’s such a great message!  Their message is to ‘spend it well’.  They’re talking about life…they’re talking about how things make us feel…”if it doesn’t make you feel 10 feet tall…say no”.  I love it!

We all make choices every single day about all sorts of tiny little things but what we very often forget is these choices are what make up the moments of our lives.  All those moments add up & can be the difference between an ordinary & an extraordinary life.  It all goes back to being more mindful instead of blindly going from one day to the next, doing things the same way we always do them & getting the same results day after day, year after year.  So I’m suggesting we all take a moment before we make our choices…..

*Take yourself on a date (this one may have to wait a few years till you can be alone) & in the words of Julia Cameron…”fill your well”.  Be in places & look at things that inspire you….inhale all that lovely inspiration…

*Make a sandwich with your favourite filling & enjoy a super scrumptious lunch instead of just lunch!

*Stop saving things for ‘best’.  This is especially true at your age because you’ll soon grow out of your favourite pair of shorts or your super cute furry flip flops.  At my age, I won’t grow out of my favourite shoes or a super special handbag but what am I waiting for?  Now is a special occasion!

*We should stop wasting time on crappy ‘friends’.  We’ve all got or had one, the ones that drain us & use up all our fabulous energy, the ones who expect so much more from us than they’re willing to give, the ones you actually dread having to meet up with…you know who they are because of how you feel when you think about them…it’s time to say goodbye to those people & hang out with people that make you smile.

*Get outside when the sun is shining, enjoy all that lovely vitamin D rather than sitting indoors on our computers/xbox/youtube/watching tv.  There’s a time for all that but if you’ve got a choice…outside is always better for our wellbeing πŸ™‚

*Eat mostly the foods that make our bodies happy but also if that piece of chocolate cake looks too good to resist…don’t resist…dive in & enjoy every last bite

*We should be using our fabulous minds to be living in the moment we’re in now.  Stop rehashing what happened before, you can’t change it.  Stop going over & over that conversation you had with someone that made you feel crappy, all that will happen is you’ll feel crappy all over again…let it go.  Live in the now & plan for the future πŸ™‚

*Read fabulous books/magazine articles/cookbooks, give your brain a lovely holiday

*When you’re on holiday, be there…take in every moment of the lovely relaxation

Do the best you can in whatever you do, be friendly & polite & smile a lot.  Be the kind of person people want to hang out with, be your very own fabulous self.  Compliment people, be kind & fun.  Most of all, know what you love & what makes you happy.  We only get one shot at this life so be aware of how you’re spending your moments & make your life a great one πŸ™‚  Be “10 feet tall”…

Love you, Teeto xxx


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