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Blue hair…for Tiny…love Teeto x


Blue hair…

This has been such a fun Easter holiday with you playing outside with your friends & bouncing on your new trampoline.  It’s amazing how dry it’s been so far this year!  It’s lovely to hear you all laughing & playing out in the street.

A highlight for me was when you all turned up on my doorstep with coloured hair sprays asking me to spray it on 🙂  You already know how much I love to change my hair colour & it seems that you girls have found a great way to change your hair just for a couple of days (hopefully it’ll all wash out before school starts next week).

I can’t wait for the day you come to me with an actual dye & want a more permanent option but until then, I’m very happy to have a line of you waiting in the black bin liner with your spray can on the grass outside 🙂

Happy last few days of the holidays 🙂

love you, Teeto xx



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