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Shirley Valentine…for Tiny…love Teeto



Shirley Valentine…

It’s a ‘trying to be Spring’ kinda Saturday.  I’ve been at home doing a few things on the computer & a bit of housework & shopping while Uncle Neil is at work.  This afternoon I made myself a lovely cup of tea & sat with Shirley Valentine.  Now, by the time you get to watch this movie, it’ll be even older but it’s well worth it.  Pauline Collins is just amazing as the 42 year old Mum/wife/housewife who’s totally lost herself in her everyday life & who travels to Greece with a friend…..  I’m not going to say any more other than when the movie came out in 1989 I was 14.  I watched it then but really I missed the point.  It’s since become one of my all time favourites & now I’m just about to turn 42 & I realise just how different 42 is in 2017.

It’s a brilliant, thoughtful, funny, inspirational movie about how it’s so easy to get lost in everyday normalness & then rediscovering…

I hope you’ll watch it & love it as much as I do.  It’s perfect for a lazy weekend afternoon.

Love you, Teeto 🙂

(I found the picture on google)


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