Happy flip flop new year!…for Tiny…love Teeto x



Happy flip flop new year!

IT’S MARCH!!!!  I LOVE MARCH!  Not just because it’s my birthday month but because it just feels like such a fabulous fresh start.  I know it’s raining today but it feels like there’s a change in the air (real or imagined).  I love that March is Spring & blossom & longer days & daylight when your Mum & I walk together at 6am.  I love that from now on when the sun comes out it feels warmer & is higher in the sky.  I love that soon we’ll be sitting out at 9pm waiting to light candles because it’s just not dark enough yet…:)  I love that this year you’re happy in your new school & Mum is happy in her new job (I just walked down to the butchers in the rain with my fabulous see through brolly & flip flops on!!)  I love that Uncle Neil can drive to work in the daylight, Dad starts wearing his shorts again to walk down the shop, Granma starts talking about what she’ll be doing in her garden & before long Grandad will suggest sitting outside for our cups of tea 🙂  I love how I can hear you girls playing out in the street much later & soon the ice cream van will come round every evening & drive everyone’s parents crazy 🙂  I love how inspired I get looking at the fabulous fashion collections in the magazines & how fabric/bead buying trips to Brighton just feels so much more special in flip flops!

Sometimes Torty even wakes up & comes home in March.  I remember a few years ago Uncle Neil bought me a deck chair for my birthday & I was sitting in it feeling the lovely sun on my face & hearing Torty trudge round the garden.  It really is the beginning…

So wee one, get those toes flip flop ready & look forward to Spring 🙂

Love you, Teeto xx



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