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Valentine’s Day…for Tiny…love Teeto…


Valentine’s Day…

As Curtis Stigers says…”Hooray for love”…

I LOVE Valentine’s Day 🙂 not just because I love to celebrate with Uncle Neil but because I love to send Valentine messages to my friends as well.  It’s only a text but I love to let my girlfriends know I’m thinking of them on the day of LOVE.

I saw a post on Facebook yesterday saying “if you are in the right relationship, everyday is Valentine’s Day”.  That’s utterly bonkers!  I love that some people feel that happy & in love everyday but I think they’re missing the point.  I’m sure I’m in the “right relationship”, I’m totally in love with Uncle Neil & we have a great life together but feeling/showing love & celebrating love is not the same thing.

I believe in doing your best to make your love feel loved everyday.  Ideally we all want to feel safe & loved in our relationships but that doesn’t mean hearts & flowers everyday.

I love the celebration on that chilly February day.  I love picking out a card & chocolates & special beers for Uncle Neil & I love that he never writes his name in my card & always buys me a special fashion magazine.  I love that we buy special food which we cook together, we drink bubbles & special wine. I love making Uncle Neil a big thick gooey chocolate cake.  I also love that it’s once a year!  I believe in showing love all year round but keeping the big celebrations for special occasions.

After all….if everyday was like yesterday…I’d never get anything else done!

Love you, Teeto xx





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