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change up your view…for Tiny…love Teeto x


Change up your view…

It’s February 1st 🙂  Lots of people around the country are breathing a sigh of relief to be out of January but honestly, this rainy weather doesn’t make February very exciting!  I’m not worried by January particularly but I’m definitely looking forward to longer, sunnier & warmer days.  The other day I decided to change up the photos in some of my frames so I ordered online from Truprint.  The new prints arrived yesterday & I’ve already put them in their frames.  This palm tree picture is one of my all time favourites of my photos because it just captures that lovely feeling of holidays 🙂  We were in South Beach, Miami last May & we LOVED it!  I bought a 7″x5″ & put it in a frame on top of the record player so I can see it from every angle in the front room.  I also ordered a print of Uncle Neil in the sunshine for the fireplace & they really have changed up the room.  No matter what the weather is doing outside I have a lovely view in my photos 🙂

These days with digital cameras & phone cameras it’s so easy & so cheap to have photos printed.  When Uncle Neil & I were first married we used cameras with rolls of film so you never new what photos you had until they were developed!  I even worked in a studio developing film when I was at school at the weekends.

I just love that for hardly any money at all you have a lovely memory of your holiday or a fun day out or someone you love right there in a frame.

Soon enough it’ll be summer & we’ll be sitting in the lovely sunshine but until then, change up your view, it makes you feel great 🙂

Love you, Teeto xx


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