Cliff Richard…for Tiny…love Teeto

Cliff Richard…

This is probably my most random subject yet…you’re probably even wondering who I’m talking about…..but hold on just a sec while I explain…

Your Mum & I grew up listening to Granma’s Cliff Richard records & he was her big crush.  I even went to one of his concerts when I was about 8 & even though it wasn’t cool to admit it, he was great!  Now I’m sitting at the computer doing the accounts & you know how I like a movie in the background for company?..well this afternoon’s movie is ‘Summer holiday’ starring Cliff Richard.  It’s completely old fashioned & a bit corny.  His songs are just lovely & if you’ve got a rainy afternoon in pjs that needs filling, you could do a lot worse….

Love you, Teeto x


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