Friday 13th…for Tiny…love Teeto x

Friday 13th…

My goodness it’s chilly out there tonight…It’s the end of another week already & it’s Friday 13th.  I’ve never really been too bothered by this day.  I love a good superstition but these days I do everything I can to rebel against this one 🙂  I salute magpies, cross my fingers as I walk under scaffolding & road signs (I only walk under scaffolding if the only other option is getting run over & I never walk under ladders) & I don’t do any laundry on New Year’s Day but I think an entire day is different. I believe that if you think you’re going to have a bad day, you will.  I think that if we wake up in the morning & assume the worst, we’ll only see the bad in that day.  So my theory is to overturn the ‘bad luck’ & decide to have a great day.  Then, if the day isn’t great because of things out of your control, try to see the good parts of the day….because I believe there really are good parts to everyday even if you have to look reeeeaaallly hard to find them.

It really is a lot about how you chose to see it…

Love you, Teeto xx



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