The ‘in between’ week…for Tiny…love Teeto x

The ‘in between’ week…

Well, here we are at the end of the ‘in between’ week, 2016.  It’s always a strange week but this year has been particularly strange because we’ve had a lot of sad news.  After so many famous people we knew & loved dying during this year we then had the so very sad news about George Michael, Carrie Fisher & then her mother Debbie Reynolds since Christmas Day 😦

This ‘in between’ week is strange for lots of reasons.  We’ve probably all eaten too much & maybe drunk too much, we’ve been sitting around watching movies & probably most of us are feeling like we have no idea where we end & the sofa begins 🙂  I know lots of people have been working & maybe not had any time time off at all but no matter what your schedule, its a very strange week.  In my life I’ve had jobs that meant I worked on Christmas Day & every day over the holiday period was ‘business as usual’ but now I have work that let’s me have some downtime over this week.  I know for sure it’s easier to drive around, with so many people staying home, the roads are clearer but I like to stay off the roads if I can.  I don’t much fancy sale shopping because I find the sales kinda sad 😦  Racks & racks of clothes that we didn’t want to buy when they were first in the shops are now being offered to us at probably a great price but do we actually want them?  This week for me is slowly getting my mind towards the new year, the fresh start so gathering more ‘stuff’ just feels a bit backwards somehow.  I had lovely Christmas presents so I don’t feel like I need anything more at all this week.  (Ignoring the brand new brake calliper & brake pads I just bought for my car of course….)

I never force it but my mind has been moving towards brand new lists & ideas about the new year.  I’ve been looking at yoga classes & remembering books I bought during the year I was so excited to read & never got round to.  My plans for the new year all happen within this ‘in between’ week.  Yes of course I still have “must not eat junk” & “must exercise more” plans in my mind but this year I want to be a little kinder to myself.  I already walk most days with your Mum & in normal life (when Christmas isn’t here) I eat pretty well (most of the time) so I want to focus more on the good stuff.  Things I want to learn (to use my embroidery machine without it chewing up the fabric, ), read (the giant pile of books I keep adding to & my kindle library), sew (for myself, a new front door curtain with the beautiful sari fabric I bought, new clothes for myself, a jacket for Grandad, cushions, bags, etc, etc…), paint (our hall, stairs & landing walls), cook new recipes, build new storage for my never ending sewing room project…

I have my notebook by my side to write lots of lovely lists but for now I’m going to make the most of this ‘in between’ week & continue with my Scandal binge 🙂  I quite literally can’t stop watching it 🙂

So, enjoy the strangeness of this week & know that life starts back up next week & we’ll all be moving around at our normal pace & looking forward to longer days & before we can look round, it’ll be summer again 🙂

Happy New Year!!!

Love you, Teeto xx



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