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Avoiding overwhelm…for Tiny…love Teeto x

Avoiding overwhelm…

Uncle Neil has gone to bed ready for his early start, the business phone has stopped ringing for the day & I’m taking 5 with a Christmas movie (The Kranks) on in the background.  Sometimes, when I’m feeling like there’s more on my to do list than hours in the day, I like to take a moment to write another list or two 🙂 or tick something off my list to give my mind the feeling that I’m on track 🙂

Christmas is definitely a time we all feel a little overwhelmed so it’s important to find a way to chill out & actual enjoy the festivities!  If you can learn this nice & early, all the better 🙂  If you’re anything like me & your Mum you’ll be a list writer! We both love a list.  Mum uses those A4 lined pads so she can easily rip out pages & rewrite a messy list & I prefer a fabulous little notebook (from the art shop down the road) so I can keep it in my handbag & doodle alongside my lists.

Today I was reminded how a plan, however great & organised, can get pushed off schedule very easily.  If you’re not carfeul, even the tiniest unexpected thing, can lead to an overwhelming day.  It can be as simple as the phone ringing, chatting to a neighbour as you’re leaving the house,  getting distracted by instagram, a power cut (Granma & Grandad had a power cut most of today & Grandad nearly had an uneven haircut because of it!)…even scraping the ice off your car windows can put you behind schedule!

It’s taken me a lot of years to acknowledge this but I know that I’m very (very) optimistic about how long each task takes me 🙂  I will always think I can fit more into a day than I really can.  If Uncle Neil goes to bed before me I always tell him “I’ll only be an hour” when in reality, I’m always at least two!  There’s something nice about the quiet of the late evening that makes me do more than I had planned but that’s the way it all balances out!  I’ve learned to try to knock a few tasks off each day’s list but more importantly, to just focus on what I’m doing.  Women are known to be great multi taskers & it’s true that we can do more than one thing at a time (just watch your Mum) but is it really as productive as we think?

So now I’m just doing a few little things (quietly & calmly) that I know will make tomorrow just that little bit calmer.   Obviously I’m not even going to pretend I’ll really be in every moment tomorrow in a completely zen way but by finishing up these few things before I go to bed tonight, I sleep better.  My mind won’t be trying to remember things & I’ll have a much nicer day to look forward to.  I’ll even have time to go for a lovely early morning walk over the fields with your Mum & the dogs.

Some days will be lovely peaceful days & some days will be completely bonkers & no matter how hard you try to stay completely zen, it’ll be impossible.  The trick is, if you can be aware of what makes you feel overwhelmed, you’re half way to not feeling it.

So…write yourself a list (or 12), have a look at your diary & see what doesn’t actually need to happen that day or week, ask for help if you need it, take a moment for yourself & remember to drink water (so you don’t get a headache).

Most of all, enjoy!

Love you, Teeto xxx


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