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we are not all doing it wrong…for Tiny…love Teeto x

we are not all doing it wrong…

You’re in London having a fun day out with Mum & Dad & I’m on the computer making sure everything is up to date for Granma tomorrow.  I know working on a Sunday sounds harsh but it’s perfectly fabulous because I’m going on holiday on Saturday 🙂 🙂 🙂

Mum & I were walking & talking this morning about our winter wardrobes (because it was sooooo chilly).  I realised this morning that for the first time in a really long time I’ve kinda rediscovered my style.  I am an eternal art student & for some reason for lots of years I ‘smartened myself up’ but really never felt that comfortable or confident.

This week (the week before a holiday) is usually the time when I’m cross with myself for not losing inches off every part of my body & sitting on the plane wishing I’d not had that yum yum!  I read all sorts of pages online about how I’m ‘doing it wrong’….really?  I really thought the media was moving in a better direction, making us all feel better about ourselves?  Yes, there are waaaaay more models of all different shapes & sizes & it’s so refreshing to see ‘real’ women wearing great clothes but what’s with all the negative exercise advice?  Apparently I’m walking wrong?  OK, maybe I don’t do the butt wiggle power walk, I walk at a good pace for me & I enjoy walking.  If I was a runner (which I really am not & I’m pretty sure never will be) there are plenty of articles telling me that I’m running wrong…..really?  Why start an article on a negative note?  Why assume that everyone is wrong?   Surely exercise is about finding a way to move your body regularly in way that you enjoy.  If you’re moving at all isn’t that good?  I aim for 10,000 steps a day but if I do 9,000 instead am I wrong or bad??  NO!!!!!!!

I know that if I want to look flawless (actually, literally impossible without photoshop) I could bust my butt every day for hours & I would look slimmer & more toned but do I really want that?  Yes, I’d like to be slimmer (who wouldn’t?) but I’m not striving for perfection. I want a healthy body that feels good & I now know that it’s a life long mission.  It’s true that when I eat good (nutritionally good) food my body feels better than when I eat yucky processed food, that’s a no brainer.  It’s true that if I get up at 545am ready for a 6am walk (in the dark) with your Mum, I will feel great & it sets me up for the day.

So, I’m very happy to report that this week is different!  Hooray!  Like I said, I’ve rediscovered the clothes that make me feel like myself & getting up at silly o’clock walking with your Mum has made my butt tighter & higher & I just feel better all together.  I’ve been eating cleaner (cleaner you understand, not completely clean, a yum yum is still a fabulous treat) & now there’s no need to be cross with myself!  I will sit on that plane with a coffee (its an early flight, a little too early for bubbles) & a peaceful, relaxed feeling in my tummy 🙂

This leads me to my message to the media (the guilty ones, not all of you)…..please don’t assume we’re all doing everything wrong…we are humans with families & work to do.  Why can’t you just be more encouraging?  Please don’t start an article with how we’re obviously failing.  Send the right message to encourage us all to want to make better choices.  Those who strive for perfection will do their own thing but there are plenty of women who are just wanting to feel good in their own bodies.  We are not doing it wrong, we’re doing what works for us.  If you have any tips or advice, give it to us in a way that makes us want to try it rather than making us feel crappy that we’re not already doing it.

From now on, I’ll be skipping those articles & seeking out all the lovely writing 🙂

Hooray for happy, healthy bodies in all their forms !!

Love you, Teeto xx





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