Is it worth the effort? for Tiny…love Teeto x

Hi Tiny

I’m sitting at the table with the brand new patio doors wide open enjoying the lovely breeze 🙂  ahhhhhhhhh

I’ve been in the kitchen for what feels like 3 weeks but it’s really only been 4 hours.   4 hours???  I must be mad.  The thing is, the scaffolding is still up from the new windows & so the back door will hardly open, making the kitchen like a sweat box (lovely visual I know).  Uncle Neil & I have been trying out loads of new recipes from our new cookbooks & today I thought I’d make the vegetarian shepherds pie from Fearne’s (Cotton) book.  Hmmmmmmm….it’s made & ready to go in the oven but really I’m not very excited for dinner tonight!  There are some things that just should be left alone & I think now that shepherds pie is one of them!  I’m all about clean eating these days & completely loving making vege burgers, quinoa bowls, black bean chilli & anything with salmon but after today’s session in the sweat box I think I’m ready to draw a line.  My line is being drawn at cauliflower mash.  It stinks!  I’m sure it will taste nice & I’m sure it’s much better for us blah blah blah but honestly it’s just not worth the effort!  Two whole cauliflower heads steaming then blended to a pulp in my exhausted moulinex.  I think I should offer the moulinex a cocktail after all that blending!  It certainly deserves it.

I also made some scrumptious spicy oatmeal biscuits which are cooling down.  They are totally worth the effort.  Especially as now I’ve made them a couple of times & I’ve changed the recipe everso slightly, they’re super easy to make.  I’d offer you some but now Uncle Neil is home they won’t last very long 🙂

So, after all those hours in the sweatbox today I have come to a conclusion.  From now on the only change I’ll be making to shepherds pie is using sweet potatoes for the mash.   I love that Fearne has a great recipe option for vegetarians & I’m sure if she made it for me I’d love it (having spent no time at all in the sweat box) but in this case I’m sticking to my old recipe, sorry Fearne 😦

There are times when it really is worth the effort…homemade pesto…an extra heavy hand luggage bag so you can have a lovely choice of shoes (& jewellery & lip glosses & magazines) on your holiday…the enormous queue at immigration at LAX or Miami airports…waking up early for a countryside walk with your Mum as the sun comes up…the drag of filling the car with junk for a tip run for the very cleansing feeling you get as you drive away…homemade coleslaw…spending time organising Christmas decorations before you put them away…making a watch list on Netflix (otherwise by the time you’ve decide what to watch, you’ve run out of time to watch it :)…driving to the seaside to watch the full moon…

And times when it’s REALLY not…any recipe with a list as long as your arm of ingredients that cost you a fortune & then never get used again…homemade thai curry sauce…self tanning (it will ALWAYS streak, although I am just about to try the new in shower St Tropez option….I’ll let you know)…ironing bed covers…homemade pasta…ikea…

Love you, Teeto x

P.S. I love Fearne, just not in love with just that one recipe…


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