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Balance…for Tiny…love Teeto x



You’re at the airport, it’s very exciting because you’re off to Florida for half term.  Isn’t it amazing that you can jump on a plane & go so far away so easily?  I love it!  I’ll be at the airport to collect you next Sunday morning but before that I have a long list of things I want to get started…

I work from home so my schedule is up to me.  Lots of people don’t like that way of working because sometimes its hard to get motivated when there’s no official structure to the day but I love it!  It suits my random brain!  I usually have lots of projects on the go at any one time so I know I can switch between them as the mood takes me.  When it’s my week with the I DRIVE U phone that has to come first but the rest of the time is as random as I want it to be.  The only part of this work that sometimes is strange is at the end of a massive project.  Just before we went to Miami (earlier this month) it was the end of the Genie beading & let me tell you that was a busy busy time!  I worked sooooo many hours on that project for soooo many weeks that it really took over everything else.  Don’t get me wrong, I completely loved it & I almost miss it now its finished but its hard to get any kind of balance when you’re working at that pace.

Balance has been one of those elusive states we all crave so much but honestly I don’t think it can possibly work in a day to day way.  I’ve learnt over the years that balance is a more general state that can only really happen when spread over a longer amount of time. If you think about it, a perfectly balanced day, every day would actually be quite dull.  If you had time to do everything you want to do everyday, then all your days would be pretty similar & maybe even exactly the same!  Where’s the fun & adventure in that?  I made myself a vague plan for when I started the Genie beading to make sure I stopped sewing for mealtimes (to eat proper food rather than just grab junk) & to be sure to have a walk at sometime during each day (I love walking) & even though I started out pretty well with my plan, as the sewing got more & more intense, the whole plan went out the window.  Weirdly enough, that was OK because now I’m home from Miami (what an amazing holiday that was!  A lovely chance to properly relax in the sunshine with Uncle Neil) all the other projects are still there waiting for me.  So now I have that ‘end of massive project weirdness’ & it feels odd to be back at normal pace after being so busy for so long.  I actually sat on my bench in the garden in the sunshine yesterday & it was so lovely & peaceful.

So today (Bank Holiday Monday), I have Tom Hanks movies on a loop (there’s nobody better in my opinion), an endless supply of tea & coffee & a big notebook to make lists & plan what’s next.  Really the first thing that definitely needs to be done is my sewing room.  I need to get in there with black sacks & get rid of the junk so I’m left with a lovely peaceful room to sew in.  I want to set up my giant embroidery frame so I can start a new beaded wall hanging, we (me & Uncle Neil) need to decide on a wall colour for the hall stairs & landing & I need to build & paint the flat pack shelves for all my beautiful shoes, I want to make a new front door curtain, make new beaded pieces for my etsy shop, start my yoga practice (finally after so many years of talking about it), make Grandad a jacket, make you a giant beanbag for your new room, learn Spanish (again…still), read all the books in my giant stack, make some curtains for Granma & Grandad, read all the pages I’ve bookmarked online, walk (a lot)……..

So for me balance is a bigger picture.  It’s remembering to be in all the moments, busy & peaceful, knowing that in this self employed world there will be crazy times & super quiet times & that becomes a nice balance when you look at it as a whole.  How lucky am I to do a job that I absolutely love?  Looking back at the mad weeks when I’m sitting in the theatre watching the Genie singing & dancing in his fabulous sparkly costume, thinking ‘I did that’ & feeling proud.

I hope you find what balance means for you as early as possible & then live as much as you can in that way.

Love you, Teeto xxx


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