following your nose…for Tiny…love Teeto x

following your nose…

Thursday night I was invited to the dress rehearsal for the Aladdin musical & I decided to drive myself with my satnav on my phone.  Uncle Neil always thinks it’s so funny how I have such a terrible sense of direction.  I can always get myself to where I want to be but I will always take myself the very longest possible route 🙂   My brain never seems to be able to see the bigger picture…the whole map.  So the journey up was perfectly fine, lots of traffic so slower than I would have liked but I made it, parked & got to the theatre only 15 minutes late.  At one point I thought, seeing as no cars/lorries/coaches had moved in a while at Piccadilly Circus, I could have just left my car there for a few hours 🙂

The musical was amazing, I got to see my beading in all it’s sparkly glory & I was really happy to be able to see it on the stage.  The Genie is really the star of the show!

So there I was, after the show at 1030pm in London by myself.  Its amazing how London never really slows down.  There were as many people in the streets at 1030pm as there were in rush hour.  I bought myself a caramel latte for the journey & easily found my way back to the carpark, paid my ticket & found my car.  Then came a little hitch….no internet!  So I thought “how hard can this be?”  I called Mum (on hands free, of course).  She was just off to bed but made me promise to text when I got home.

I pushed my way into the line of taxis (not many taxi drivers will let you out of a junction FYI) & somehow found myself kinda knowing where I was going 🙂  I decided that at some point I would probably take a wrong turn but that was OK because its very easily put right when the next road sign comes up.  Actually what happened was I found my way back (nearly) the exact same way I got up there!!!!!  Me….Teeto….found my way…but not MY way (the supersonic totally round the houses, long way round)…the actual way that was (almost) the most direct!!  When I found myself at the Hammersmith Apollo (where Mum & I saw The (amazing) Cure a couple of Christmases ago)  I heard you in my head telling me not to drive around in circles which made me laugh but I recognised the right road & there I was on the way home 🙂

So, hooray for finally finding my sense of direction!  Even if that was a one off & I’m back living in Teetoland now, I was very proud of myself!  It was a big evening!!!

You seem to have a great sense of direction already but just remember to follow your nose, it’ll get you home 🙂

You’re off to Florida on Monday for a few days so I’ll come & see you later…I’ll miss you even for those few days but when you come back it’s nearly your birthday !!!!!  I can’t believe you’re nearly 9 already!

Love you, Teeto xxx




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