Be kind with your words…for Tiny…love Teeto x

Be kind with your words…

I was having a perfectly lovely relaxing Sunday looking through photos of the Genie beading I’m starting this week when an angry text pinged onto my phone.  I won’t go into he said/she said details but I will say that I was accused in an angry way of not doing something I said I would.  My first thought was worry because I wouldn’t deliberately piss someone off (excuse my language) so I went to check on the details.  It turned out that I did do exactly what I said I would & I have receipts to prove it.  I got straight back to this person with the information & there’s been no reply.

I’ve been stomping around the house feeling so angry at the way I was ‘spoken’ to.  That person had no regard for how their words would be ‘heard’ & that makes me cross.  I’ve decided to take a lesson from it & to always be aware of how I communicate with everyone I come in contact with.  There’s always a gentler way to talk even in anger or stress.  A question rather than an accusation….maybe ask if everything is OK before assuming the worst…

You’re already a very kind & thoughtful person.  I’m just putting it out there because I’m sure we all need a reminder in times of stress…

Love you, Teeto x


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