Good for you!

Rest…for Tiny…love Teeto x

Today I’ve been thinking about our half an hour snuggled up under the blanket watching Harry Potter after you’d finished your homework last night.
We got frustrated with each other trying to get your homework done & I’m sorry if I was bossy. I was really aware of you wanting & needing chill out time after a long day of school & sport & homework & I wanted you to be done so you could chill out for a little while before dinner & clarinet practice & then bedtime. Wow, what a busy life you have!
I should have taken the same time to sit still with you rather than jumping up & down doing dinner because that time is precious. Chill time is so important.
When I was about 17, going out every night with my friends & boyfriend, Granma was always ‘nagging’ me to have a night in & rest. I thought she was mad! I was young & I didn’t need to rest because I wasn’t tired. Granma told me that I didn’t need to sleep but maybe just lay on my bed & read a book & rest my body.
Of course being a teenager I rebeled but now I totally understand her ‘nagging’. Rest is so important & now it’s one of my favourite things to do!
So next Tuesday, I promise to try & be less bossy, we’ll concentrate & get your homework finished so we can have proper chill time together.
Love you, Teeto X


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