Pinterest…for Tiny…love Teeto x


You’ve seen the stacks of magazines in my house right?  Well, in the old days (as you call them) before Pinterest I used to spend hours & hours clipping beautiful pictures from my fashion magazines & sticking them into books for inspiration.  Now I’m in a cross over situation.  I still have stacks & stacks of beautiful fashion magazines because I subscribe to them all but now there’s Pinterest!!!  I LOVE IT!!!!!!  Its just the most fabulous way to save all the images that bring me joy.  I’ve got thousands of pins on all sorts of subjects all neatly packed away in their categories & always available to me at the touch of a button.  Mum & I share a couple of pages so we can plan for things together & I have a few pages that I keep secret.

I literally can’t praise it enough for being THE BEST way to keep imagines to inspire me.  And anytime I have to wait in a queue (as long as I have internet) I have instant inspiration!  I stood out in the cold, waiting to collect my Christmas meat order from the butcher, gazing at beautiful sunny images & I was transported to far away places.

My latest obsession is planning my trip to Miami in May.  I think it’s the perfect excuse to abandon my usual black & be a riot of beautiful colours in the sunshine.  My nails are usually bright so my clothes will follow their lead for this trip 🙂

Discover your own obsessions & fill your pages with images that bring you your very own kind of joy 🙂

Love you…Teeto x

P.S. my Pinterest button is in the side bar if you want to have a look 🙂


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