Dream a little dream…for Tiny…love Teeto x

IMG_0001Dream a little dream…

Today is JJ’s wedding day & you’re over in Finland to be his flower girl 🙂 It’s also lottery day, £58 million roll over which must be won tonight.  I’m not a big gambler, I really don’t know how to bet on horses or dogs, I don’t know how to play cards & I don’t get excited about slot machines.  I do love the lotto though.  I’ve played it since the very start because I love the romance of it.  I love how those £2 (£1 in the beginning) have the power to change your life.  I love the conversations that are going on in every street in every town across the country…what if…??  What will you buy? Who will you give money to?  Where will you live?  What car will you drive?  Of course we’d buy Uncle Neil a Lamborghini but in my mind, apart from fabulous holidays, I haven’t got much further than that even all these years later.  Can you imagine so much money & all the amazing things you could do with it & all the loved ones you could share with?

Now there are some people who say “I win every week because I never play” but really?  Is that winning?  Where’s the romance?  Where’s the dreaming??

I know that £58 million is an enormous amount of money & I’m not hoping to win the jackpot just to have it sit in the bank.  That doesn’t help anyone.  Money like that needs to be spread around, spent & enjoyed.

Imagine the travelling. You could see parts of the world you may have only dreamed of before.  I dream of first class travel with beautiful luggage, long lazy days & amazing sunsets.  Palm trees, lots & lots of palm trees 🙂

I wonder what you would do first…?  Hooray for all the excitement this day has created in every street in every town…..you never know….but tonight someone will win.

Dream a little dream….love you, Teeto x


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