Good for you!

Water…for Tiny….love Teeto x


I’m starting with water because that’s what I can see out my window!

Everyone has their own idea about how much we ‘should’ be drinking everyday but honestly, you’ll find your own amount.  The best thing is to just drink some water, everyday.  Your Uncle Neil is a water monster & drinks it all day long, he takes 3 giant bottles with him to work, has a glass by the bed & by his chair all the time.  He’s got used to drinking a lot of water so now he feels dehydrated if he doesn’t.  I’m a random water drinker, I try to start my day with a big glass (I kept the slushy cup we got at Legoland last summer) & it feels nice in my body before I start on the tea 🙂

In these chilly months a great way to drink water is hot from the kettle.  About a million years ago when I worked with my friend Traceymena, we were on one of our many health kicks & we really got into drinking hot water instead of tea & coffee.  It’s surprising how quickly you forget the flavour.  For me it’s the comfort of the hot drink that I’m after rather than actually loving the taste of tea.  I hope you get to meet Traceymena one day, she is quite literally the smiliest person I have ever met & she’s a lovely lovely person 🙂

Really what you need to know is that a hydrated body is a happy body!  Your brain works better, your head feels clearer, your organs work better & your skin will be clear & youthful. Oh that reminds me…  A few years ago I met an old lady at a bus stop in California.  She had a 2 litre bottle with her & she told me that she drinks litres & litres of water everyday & it’s kept her young.  She looked fabulous, her skin looked like it belonged to a woman half her age!

Love you, Teeto x


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