Pesto…for Tiny…love Teeto x


I’ve become a little bit addicted to pesto & recently I bought a mini mixer to make my own.  The great thing about making your own is it can be as garlicky as you want 🙂

The basic recipe I follow is this one :

3 tablespoons of pumpkin seeds, 1 handful of fresh basil leaves, 1 clove of raw garlic, olive oil, pinch of sea salt (or Mum’s pink salt)

Change the quantities to make it your own but this is a great starting point.  Very often I use smoked garlic (you can buy it in Budgens in Henfield).  Don’t make it too far in advance because when it’s super fresh the green of the basil is awesome.  Blend in a mini mixer.  I got mine in the new John Lewis for about £15 & it’s great for all sorts of yummy dips, do you remember the one we made with all the seeds?

Love you, Teeto x


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